Joan wakes up in the middle of the night and sees something she’s not meant to see. She's convinced to keep a secret that will forever alter the course of her life. Caryl Churchill’s brief and chilling Far Away paints a not so-far-away future where fear of “the other” rules supreme, and beauty, politics and violence strike an uneasy kinship. Equal parts humorous and horrifying, we are drawn into a fantastical world where even the birds and rivers are at war. Joan is left to ask herself: How do I know if I'm on the "right side"?

Director: Annie Tippe
Producers: Sam Hagen, Dana Knox
Stage Manager: Emily Brown
Scenic & Costume Designer: Sara Brown
Millinery Designer: Rebecca Jewett
Props Designer: Madie Hays
Lighting Designer: Justin Paice
Sound Designer: David Wilson

CAST: Elizabeth O’Donnell, Enosa Ogbeide, Connor Doyle


Photos by Gretjen Helene